Dominic Perrottet

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet’s crime family, which includes brothers Jean-Claude and money launderer Charles, exposed

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet’s brothers Charles and Jean-Claude, who operate behind the scenes in the Liberal Party trying to turn a dollar, were accused of further crimes such as branch stacking and taking bribes on last Monday’s Four Corners (4/7/22) show but the old media have gone into cover-up mode.

A quick internet search shows this is not the first time they have been accused of crimes with Charles being accused in 2014 at the NSW ICAC of money laundering donations for the Liberal Party and Jean-Claude being acquitted of rape by a jury in the NSW District Court in 2017. 

I edited the Four Corners program titled “The War Within” which is about Liberal Party infighting and used the part about Charles and Jean-Claude Perrottet and added my commentary in the video below:

The Four Corners show turned out to be perfect timing as I published an article a few days before (29/6/22) titled “NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet and his puppet master, Michael Photios, the lobbyist who controls the NSW government”. (Click here to read the article)

Domonic Perrottet, Charles Perrottet and Jean Claude Perrottet

Domonic Perrottet, Charles Perrottet (Top right) and Jean Claude Perrottet (Bottom right)

Charles Perrottet and the ICAC allegations of money laundering for the Liberal Party’s slush fund

In 2014 it was reported:

A New South Wales Liberal MP has denied putting a property developer in touch with the alleged Liberal party slush fund at the centre of a corruption inquiry.

In a brief but colourful appearance at the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), upper house MP Marie Ficarra referred to her miniature schnauzer’s medical problems, a trip to the Cumberland state forest to buy a particular plant and, eventually, the matters at hand. Ficarra insisted she told property developer Tony Merhi in a March 2011 meeting that as a property developer, he was banned from donating to the party.

She directed one of his non-prohibited friends to give money to the Young Liberals instead, she said. “He had plenty of friends who wanted to see the Liberal party win… It wasn’t anything sinister at all,” Ficarra said.

Ficarra told the commission the meeting was held at a cafe in the Cumberland state forest because there was a garden nursery nearby. “I had to buy westringias,” she said.

Earlier, Merhi had told the inquiry he had spoken to Ficarra about potential amendments to planning laws that could affect his business. He said Ficarra had told him he might need a lobbyist, and mentioned a company called Eightbyfive.

Shortly after, a man called with the bank details for Eightbyfive, Merhi said. Records show a $5,000 donation was made by Merhi to the company in the following days.

The commission is investigating allegations that Eightbyfive was a slush fund set up by a former Chris Hartcher staffer, Tim Koelma, to funnel illegal donations to the Liberal party. Donations from property developers have been banned in NSW since 2009.

Ficarra stepped down from the party earlier this month after the corruption claims emerged.

On Thursday, Ficarra said that after the meeting with Merhi, she had called a member of the Young Liberals, Charles Perrottet, to put him in touch with the property developer.

Later that day, she said Merhi called with the account number Perrottet had passed on. “He had [been given] a strange account name,” she said. “I didn’t write it down, I can’t recall it, but it sounded a very weird account name. It wasn’t like it was a suburb or a branch.”

Getting “progressively angry”, Ficarra said she called Perrottet and asked him to “sort it out”. “[Perrottet] kept assuring me that the numbers he had given me were legitimate Liberal party accounts.”

Perrottet has denied ever speaking to Merhi or passing onto him any account details. (Click here to read more)

Where there is smoke there is fire and the evidence points to Charles being the bagman for the Perrottet Crime Family. Charles wasn’t just exposed by Four Corners, he has a history of being exposed at ICAC by one of his own, former Liberal MP Marie Ficarra.

If you add the handiwork of Dominic, Charles and Jean-Claude together you quickly realise they should not be in politics at all and the public have a right to know who and what they are before the next NSW state election which is scheduled for the 25th of March 2023. 

Dominic Perrottet dodged close scrutiny before he became NSW Premier, with the resignation of Gladys Berejiklian in October 2021, but he needs close scrutiny before the 2023 election. The old media have given Dominic Perrottet a free pass for whatever reason but he won’t be getting a free pass from this website so please make sure you read below and share this article.

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  1. The Catholics have been running scams for centuries. Mafia anyone? We can’t expect these compromised people to obey the rule of law. They believe they are entitled and above the law because they are Catholics or criminals or both. God bless their corrupt little socks.

  2. “Catholics” “These comprised people” – Because they are Catholics? You undermine your own opinion by expressing it as a bigot.

    • Being interviewed by Ashley Raper, Perrottet said, “… the drive that comes from his faith is “a good thing, not a bad thing”.

      “It has developed in me a sense of social justice, looking after vulnerable people,” he said.

      “I don’t think that is something I should be ashamed of.”

      I dislike him much more for saying that. “Human decency is not derived from religion, It precedes it.”- Christopher Hitchens. Perrottet is using his faith as some qualification for his position. Bigot?

  3. The recent released Census shows a large percentage of the population related to ‘No Religion ‘ The appaling history of the Catholic Church involving paeodofiles and corruption within the Vatican gives one cause to agree with David S. The mixing of Church and Politics should be avoided at all costs, as the combination of both clearly displays corrupt behaviour. David’s opinion as expressed does not exhibit one being a bigot.

  4. Church and politics are a dangerous combination. Their abuses destroy lives and the trans generational trauma keeps us enslaved in its affects. Until that is addressed a full and happy existence is impossible.

  5. It’s a pity about Dom. He really looks good and presents as a nice person whose political views have softened. I’ve almost forgiven him for iCare.
    As for the alleged rapist, it’s hard to believe he could get an erection.
    The alleged bagman looks the part.

  6. This has nothing to do with religion, this is about power and pure greed.Not exclusive to any religion. Moreover the working class are responsible, they keep voting for these ultra right wing charlatans and expecting a different result. Btw they’;re all at it.

  7. Yes, Phil B, they’re all at it and the jury will be out on this new federal mob, for the next three years at least. Promising signs though, I may add, with both Anthony and Penny carrying hoses and tending to fires started by those political arsonists now mockingly comparing their travels with scomochio’s Hawaiian and other questionable misdemeanors. They have no shame.

  8. Yes Jim. R. As the late great George Carlin said ” It’s a big club and you aint in it ” As was said by the author of this article. The MSM has gone deathly silent on the corruption of the previous Federal government and the latest expose of the NSW State Government. Have you noticed of late, the free air time the electronic media has been giving to the Federal Opposition and their enablers to spread the anti Labor/Government line? It is palpable. In a more sane world, most of the politicians in this country should/would, be in prison. What makes me really irritated is, the Inspector Clouseau’s in the pay of the government reading these comments on here, are more interested in the people that care about our country than the politicians who by their corruption are wrecking it.

  9. “Money and corruption are ruining the land, crooked politicians betray the working man, pocketing the profits and treating us like sheep, and we’re tired of hearing promises that we know they’ll never keep.” Ray Davies “The Kinks” IMHO, a most apt quote

  10. The Barilaro parliamentary enquiry does not support Judge Steven Rares’ foolish finding that John Barilaro was hounded out of politics by Jordan Shanks.

  11. ICAC is now sniffing around Barilaro’s New York posting.
    Maybe they should ask Judge Steven Rares for his thoughts.

  12. The NSW upper house has referred a transcript of its parliamentary inquiry into the Barilaro appointment to ICAC.
    They should send it to the NSW Judicial Commission also.

  13. It is so obvious to all that corruption is rife in the NSW political system(always has been) & the local NSW ICAC is useless & controlled by higher silent powers .
    Bring on the Federal ICAC with unlimited power as promised by Albanese, then we might get some honest results. Secondly, ban & get rid of all factions in politics. Thirdly, reduce to maximum of $2,000 or ban political donations completely.

  14. Yes, Sam the Man, political donations are THE source of political donations. During the recent election campaign, here in the seat of Indi, I emailed all candidates to ask them where they stood on the matter of political donations. Only a tiny number of them responded. The general consensus was that they could not do without them.

    I had written that I felt large donations were usually used to minimise taxable income at the end of financial year. This, I claim, leads to another pothole that the tax-payer then has to fill. I followed this the suggestion that why not cut out the middleman and make the donations directly from the tax-payer?

    Structure those allowances pegged to Seat size etc and bingo, no more favours to contributor.

    Lobbying is another major influential problem that needs attention.

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