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Community Independents, who helped destroy the Liberal Party, are a movement that is here to stay and how they weaponised Barnaby Joyce to win seats

Based on the success of the Community Independents in the 2022 federal election there is no chance of the Liberal/National Party coalition ever governing Australia as a majority government again and in this article, I’ll point out why.

Community Independents have won at least six new seats in the 2022 federal election with most commentary focusing on the Liberal Party’s failures and widespread dislike for Scott Morrison as the reasons for the community independents’ success.

But what is obvious from listening to the Community Independents’ sales pitches is they weaponised the electorates’ comparable dislike for National Party leader and former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce to help win votes. This is important as the Nationals are claiming they had a good 2022 election but are ignoring the damage they did to the Liberal Party’s votes.

One of the key lines that the Community Independents used in interviews was for example in the seat of Kooyong “Josh Frydenberg voted with Barnaby Joyce everyone time on climate policy”. Not only did that drive home the fact the federal government was doing very little on climate policy but by naming Barnaby Joyce it would have also annoyed people because Barnaby Joyce is regarded as a moron by many which any search of social media will support.

It is important to know and understand who the Community Independents are and what is driving them because once you do you can see not only will the Liberal/Nationals have to overcome the Labor Party in 2025 but also the Community Independents, who are a growing force, and that is just not going to happen.

Community Independents are here to stay

There are currently 2 MPs in parliament who could be classified as Community Independents, Helen Haines and Zali Steggall and they will be joined by at least another six who are Allegra Spender (Wentworth), Dr Monique Ryan (Kooyong), Kate Chaney (Curtin), Zoe Daniel (Goldstein), Kylea Tink (North Sydney) and Sophie Scamps (Mackellar). And there are also a few more independents in the federal parliament.

The Liberal Party and parts of the media tried to smear the Community Independents as being a political party run by millionaire Simon Holmes a Court, who set up Climate 200 to help fund independents, but that was a huge lie that backfired badly. As it says on the Climate 200 website:

Climate 200 is a ​​community crowdfunded initiative established in 2019 to support pro-climate, pro-integrity, and pro-gender equity candidates. Climate 200 is not a party. It does not start campaigns, select candidates, speak for candidates, dictate policies, or have members. We simply give strong community campaigns a leg up with funding and support. (Click here to read more)

Climate 200 certainly helped fund Community Independents but all the Community Independents also raised money themselves and I suspect all the Community Independents that won would have done so anyhow because what was their main power was during the election campaign is the number of volunteers they had who door knocked the electorate asking for votes.

Some have also suggested that the Community Independents have only been around 12 months but that is a lie as well. The Community Independent movement started in 2013 just before the election of Cathy McGowan.

Ms McGowan set up the community group Voices of Indi to help herself get elected in 2013. She was re-elected in 2016 and then in 2019 she retired, and Voices of Indi supported independent Helen Haines who won in 2019 and was re-elected in 2022. Since her retirement, Cathy McGowan has helped the Community Independent movement grow with training and seminars etc as per the below video which is an episode of the ABC’s Australian Story titled “An Independent Woman – Cathy McGowan” which was broadcast on the 16th of May 2022.

The below video about Community Independents is a must-watch for anyone following politics because it points to where Australian politics is going.

There were about 25 Community Independents in the 2022 federal election and if they had run in every electorate, 151 across Australia, they have likely won 30 to 40 seats and had the balance of power, so let that sink in. And they might do just that at the 2025 election. In fact, if they can grow from the current eight to fifteen or twenty at the 2025 election that would almost certainly give them the balance of power. Although it must be noted The Greens are also on the march and have gone from one lower house seat to a likely three or four.

There are a few comments I would like to make about the above video:

  1. My background is in sales, and I can tell you for certain the most powerful asset behind the Community Independents is the number of volunteers they have and the amount of door knocking they did. Nothing beats face to face sales, and they had a good story to sell which is proven by the number of people who bought it and voted for them.
  2. Even if the Liberals had as many volunteers and did as much doorknocking as the Community Independents the Liberals/Nationals didn’t have a good story to sell and it might have even done more damage than good.
  3. As it is said in the video the world will not cave in because we have more independents in government and in fact, it is good for democracy. And that is why Rupert Murdoch and others don’t like it because they can no longer control the government.
  4. In the past when independents retired the seat would often go back to the old parties. But the fact that the Community Independents have community groups behind them suggests that when they retire, they will pass the baton onto another independent like Cathy McGowan passed her seat to independent Helen Haines. This is important because it points to the six Community Independents who have won seats will be a foundation that will keep growing at each election.

Dr Monique Ryan who won the seat of Kooyong from former federal treasurer Jos Frydenberg tweeted: “With 2,000 volunteers and 3,000 donors, we knocked on 55,000 doors and distributed 4,000 corflutes. We did politics differently and we changed the government.” (Click here to see on Twitter) (There are roughly 110,000 voters per electorate so knocking on 55,000 doors means that every door was knocked on in the Kooyong electorate by Dr Monique Ryan’s volunteers)

On the 12th of May I published an article titled “Why “it’s time” to vote Independent so we can take back Australia’s democracy that’s been stolen by the major parties” (Click here to read) which is relevant because the Community Independent movement has been growing and reported on but many have largely ignored it.

I published the below video on the 23rd of May 2022 raising further issues regarding this article:

Federal ICAC – The perfect storm for 2025

Anthony Albanese only has to do one thing to guarantee winning the 2025 election and that is to do what he promised and legislate a Federal ICAC that has teeth. It will take 12 months to become operational and another 12 months to finish its first investigations that will likely recommend criminal charges against several federal coalition MP’s which will be just before the 2025 federal election and fresh on voters’ minds.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese should show respect for the Community Independents because in the 2022 election they only targeted Liberal Party MP’s and a few Nationals but at the 2025 election, they might also target Labor MP’s. Having a good relationship with the Community Independents going forward will be important no matter who is in government and Prime Minister Anthony Albanese should never forget that.

All publishers big and small helped remove probably Australia’s most corrupt federal government ever and this website and its supporters played its part in shining a light on that corruption. So, if you have helped support or promote this website in any way you have helped make Australia a better place and can take some credit.

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  1. Good points you made in your article,and Albanese has already said he will meet with the Independents / i think/…. on a regular basis…. hope he keeps his word…

  2. I suspect the gender issue played a big part in the Independent success, most of their doorknockers also women. Personally I feel the gender issue will balance out with a Labor govt in power and their points of difference like Climate, and Integrity will be addressed. How they are able to perform on other legislation will quickly highlight whether they are conservative or progressive. It will be a fascinating three years, but never underestimate Prime Minister Albanese.

    • Devalara, your points are something I have been considering for some time. Whilst many progressive forums (including KCA) have been salivating over independents, on an individual basis does anybody know where they stand on particular issues. While most are upper middle class I don’t see them offering any challenge to capitalism. Where do they stand on foreign policy, on unions, wage justice and rises (not just for women), first nations issues and a myriad of other issues that will test there mettle.

  3. I don’t use social media (Facebook, Twitter etc), but since I discovered Kangaroo Court of Australia, I have learnt so much about the real state of politics in this country.
    I had a brief personal contact with Scott Morrison about a federal issue long before he became Prime Minister & have never met a ruder more arrogant disrespectful bully in my life. He insisted the issue was a state matter until I asked (to his turned back) in that case why had Julia Gillard been involved in the issue. One of his minders said to his back “I think the lady might ne right” to which Morrison sneered over his shoulder & said he’d “get his secretary to look into it”.
    I am a Christian & my local church is full of rusted on Liberals. I’ve openly disagreed with them & was told “He’s a Christian & we should respect him because he’s our PM & leader! I then asked “So Hitler, Pol Pot, Mussolini & assorted other scoundrels should have been respected because they were leaders in their countries?”
    I look forward to an effective ICAC with the will & power to bring to justice politicians & crooked community “Leaders” & judges no matter which side of the political fence they sit.

    • I only hope that an ICAC has the powers to deal with things retrospectively. There are a number of people involved in very dodgy and secretive behaviours, dealings and issues over the pandemic era that should be jailed for the damage they have done to both the community and the economy which will take years for recovery to take place.

    • Well said. I feel an enormous relief knowing that change has occurred; knowing that Scott Morrison will have so much less to say in the future; and hold hope now, hope if the fact that we have people influencing decision making with connection to communities – no – stronger – with the backing of community groups.

    • Well stated. I agree with you about Morrison. Way before he became Prime Minister I had occasion to send him an email. Ugh. His response was exactly as you have called it. Believe me, that man is best forgotten quickly.

  4. Now Lets Get behind These Brave souls,and Enjoy a safe,and prosperous, future for Australian family’s, and this wonderful lucky country, and Thank You SIR, for your unrelenting, Effort to Help.

  5. We all pin our hopes on a federal icac while other federal oversight bodes are corrupt to the core and staffed with employees with state icac experience. I’m interested in an integrity plan that includes more than a silver bullet called icac. Who do you think will apply for jobs in the new federal icac? Staff from the current oversight bodies and state icacs.

    In 20/21 the Commonwealth Ombudsman completed 3, yes 3 Public Interest Disclosure (pid) investigations and did not uphold one allegation of disclosable conduct….not one. And this is the federal body with responsibility for the the PID scheme.. couldn’t find one instance of disclosable conduct in the Australian Public Service in 20/21.

  6. Appreciate the clarity you bring to the political situation, KCA. Interesting how the Nats are making it a success but Joyce is still their biggest liability going forward.

  7. I’ve been a rusted on Liberal most of my voting life but after the Tony Abbott, Malcom Turnbull fiasco I started looking at Labor a bit more intensely. Why a party would stab a PM who won by 30 seats just stunned me, they learnt nothing from the Rudd/Gillard affair which made me realise how incredibly stupid the Libs really were. Then Morrison sticking up for Gladys Berejeklian and even wanting her to join the Federal government convinced me they were no longer my party of choice. Gladys Berejeklian did a terrible thing in my town, google the brown box police station costing $1mil that she gave us…I doubt either party will ever see a 30 seat majority ever again.

  8. Very happy to witness the success of these great candidates and trust and expect the new Labor government to appreciate the shared values and interests of labor supporters for ICAC, climate change, equality of women, pro-integrity and more.

  9. I can’t see the new Labor government running smoothly for one year, let alone three. The new independents, funded by Holmes a Court will have little influence if Labor govern in their own right. The Greens, with idiots like Lydia, will be pesky little things.
    Over the course of my 60 years of voting, I have moved left, right, centre, but decided to never vote labor again after they shafted Gillard.
    I feel sorry for Frydenberg, who as Treasurer during the pandemic, did a great job but he was beaten because of the general dislike for Morrison. It would appear that the new member for Kooyong, Dr Ryan, will be perfect for the parliament as she is a child neurologist! Lol.

    • I guess time will tell, but I seems your political preferences are evident. Despite political machinations Julia got there and she was able to introduce significant policy, not the least being NDIS. Independents live day to day like us all and we don’t need specialisation in a topic to know when it’s not in the public interest. Have a good day.

    • Not sure how it could be suggested that Frydenberg did a great job, left Australia with massive debt close to a Trillion $$$$, his departure speech was a reason he lost his seat, lied to the very end, part of a corrupt incompetent Government who deserved to be disposed of. Claims of 4% unemployment, real handy when it’s deemed that a person employed for one hour a week is fully employed, so many citizens working three or more jobs as LNP forced casualization with up to 50% of the workforce in casualised employment, all in part thanks to Frydenberg, as for a new MP being employed as Dr is totally irrelevant to say the least unless the new MP is going to set up a consulting room in Parliament House!

  10. Call me cynical from too many years at the coalface, but not one, NOT ONE, of the so-called independents has muttered a word about delving into the corruption of the legal industry and our judiciary. I have been pumping out the stats of how many lawyers, solicitors and barristers, that have been disbarred in the last two decades in various comments sections in the media, and have received naught, zero, in reply. So, if the general public don`t give a stuff, why should the independents?

    • roscoe794, I totally agree. I have had first-hand experience with the corrupt legal industry and the corrupt judiciary and can provide written evidence to prove that Federal Court Judges ignore their judicial oath, the law, the documentary evidence and deliberately lie in court Judgments to protect certain parties e.g. the Big 4 Banks, and are supported in this corrupt behaviour by the Chief Justices, the corrupt LNP, ALP and Greens politicians, the corrupt media and the Governor-General. The Banking Royal Commission was a total waste of public monies. The Human Rights Commissions are another waste of public monies. The Rule of Law hasn’t existed in Australia for at least 20 years i.e. Democracy hasn’t existed. Countless Australians have already lost their homes because of banking, judicial and political fraud. I am certain the number would be significant because the corrupt media, including the so-called independent media, ignore this fraud because they are paid to stay quiet. I haven’t had first-hand experience with the Family Court system but am certain this is just as horrendous and children are being harmed. And, I agree, the general public doesn’t give a stuff.

      • Pretty harsh opinion there Ms Susan, unfortunately what you’ve written here is most likely correct, as previously reported by KCA the rule of law is no longer valid in Australia, hard to have confidence in the Judiciary, your mention of Family Court (or whatever it’s called now) the outcome of a Queensland based Federal Judge being placed under supervision sums it up pretty well .

  11. Sad that the voting public stuck with Barnaby Joyce, a philandering deceitful individual if ever there was one. Having said that the behaviour of Joyce it is synonymous with that of the political landscape. However the behaviour of those that vote for morons has to be the greatest threat to Australia.

    It is fantastic that there is journalists such KCA whom expose the slime of this country.

    • Indeed. Barnyard and Angarse have still not been held to account for their $80 million fake water rort, nor for Angarse’s forgery wrt Clover Moore’s expenses.
      Barnyard’s water theft for his cotton growers has been completely ignored.
      I am hopeful that the Albanese government will set the formation of a federal ICAC going very quickly. Nine years of Coalition corruption will have an ICAC working overtime for years.
      I am also hopeful that even if Labor does have the 76 seats to govern in its own right, it will collaberate with the crossbench for the best policies for the country.

  12. The best thing is that the MSM completely missed the pivotal moment in history, just like they did with the Gillard misogyny speech. And with the screeching coming out of Sky and other Mudrake stables, they’re going to become even more irrelevant.

  13. will be very interesting whether they come through with the ICAC not going to hold my breath on that one

    • Helen Haines (Independent Indi) has drafted an ICAC plan and said she will accept nothing less than that so it is to be presumed that she will be pushing it….and very quickly. Met yesterday to discuss setting it up….think that means they are keen to get going.

  14. I am inclined to think that the next three years will be interesting, to say the least and will comprise two distinct periods. Initially, Labor, the Greens and the independents will work in reasonable harmony while they work through the “joint issues” – climate, integrity, equality. Thereafter, I suspect the teal independents are far more closely aligned with LNP ideals – individual tax cuts that favour wealthy men and corporate tax cuts are only one example (Allegra Spender said as much pre-election). As for the Greens, the party has many, many environmental evangelists, which is great on climate – they will push Labor to find a way to do things it probably would rather not do, including a more aggressive 2030 emission reduction target – a very good outcome if achieved. But, thereafter I think there is a risk Bandt will have his hands full keeping a sane lid on the Greens party when they start clamouring for ideas that might be at the “unusual” end of the scale with that same evangelical fervour. If Bandt can’t a lid on the crackpots in his party and prove the Greens can be a sensible alternative to the major parties, the Greens may well get hammered at the 2025 election.

  15. Congratulations Australia on routing the sludge that is yes believe it or not “The right Honorable” out of office.
    I’m all for freedom of speech and press, however, to have those freedoms come responsibility,
    One area that is of concern the labor government needs to address is the Murdock slant, he seems to be a scourge not only in Australia but also UK and USA and any other country he has his fingers in.
    Another area is to put right all the wrongs that the LNP has inflicted on the people of Australia over the years.
    To the Independents, Greens, and ALP congratulations once again.
    I’m an ex-pat living in the UK, we have to wait till 2024 for a General Election, hopefully, we will do the same as you have done.
    Democracy is a precious thing, Democracy = Balance.

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