ABC media bias and propaganda exposed. David Gazard and Alexander Downer push Liberal Party propaganda while deceiving ABC viewers

Liberals David Gazard and Alexander Downer have over the last few days been getting promoted for free by the ABC which wouldn’t be a huge issue if the audience were made aware of their strong Liberal Party connections. But the ABC for whatever reason has played down their connections or not even mentioned them at all which helps the Liberal Party push propaganda and is blatant bias by the ABC that needs investigating.

Below I will detail the actual instances but what you should find disturbing is that it is just a quick snapshot of the problem which I have noted over a couple of days from my own observations. Imagine how bad it would be if someone had investigated the matter for over a month or more across all ABC media.

ABC bias is getting out of hand and is easy to identify if you know what you are looking for but most people don’t.

David Gazard on Four Corners

On Monday the 23rd of May the ABC’s Four Corners program broadcast a story about the 2022 federal election campaign where they interviewed several swinging voters over a 42-day period before the election.

On the show, they had a number of “political insiders” and one was David Gazard who they said was a Political consultant and former advisor to John Howard as per the below picture. (Click here to see on the Four Corners website)

John Howard left politics in 2007 so it would have given the impression to many viewers that David Gazard had not had much to do with the government since 2007 and was likely fairly impartial in his views. But the reality is David Gazard is a close friend of former Prime Minister Scott Morrison and he was advising Morrison during the current 2022 election campaign which is when the Four Corners episode was filmed.

So why would the ABC have Mr Gazard on the show and not tell viewers about his current role advising Scott Morrison for the election? The only conclusion is that the ABC and Mr Gazard wanted his viewpoint to sound impartial when it wasn’t and given that the deception really makes David Gazard’s viewpoint nothing more than propaganda.

David Gazard also has skin in the game which also wasn’t mentioned on the Four Corners show. Mr Gazard has made $millions lobbying the Scott Morrison government over many years. One example is the $5.5 billion cancelled submarine contract where David Gazard’s lobbying business was employed by France. (Click here to read more)

Alexander Downer on the ABC’s QandA show

Alexander Downer is due to go on the ABC’s QandA show on Thursday (26/5/22) so we should have a look at his background which the ABC doesn’t seem to care about and will likely not mention.

Alexander Downer was Minister for Foreign Affairs from 1996 to 2007 and left the federal parliament in 2008. All the evidence points to Downer being a criminal who in 2003 had Australian spies (ASIS) install listening devices in the Palace of the Government in Dili, East Timor for the financial benefit of mining company Woodside. Downer worked for Woodside after he left parliament which would have to be the payoff for the bugging.

These details are currently being highlighted in the persecution and trial of lawyer Bernard Collaery “a lawyer who is accused of working with his client, intelligence officer Witness K, to expose Australia’s bugging of impoverished ally Timor-Leste during negotiations over oil and gas in the Timor Sea.” (Click here to read more) The trial is in Canberra and was instituted by the Liberal Party to try and cover up the scandal.

So why is the ABC having Alexander Downer on the show this Thursday when it is about the 2022 election and the other guests are elected politicians? What makes it worse is that the Bernard Collaery court case is currently afoot, and Alexander Downer is a key witness.

In the above picture is says “Alexander Downer – Former Liberal Foreign Affairs Minister”. Will QandA host David Speers tell the audience that Mr Downer is a key witness in a current criminal trial regarding his conduct as the Foreign Affairs Minister? I doubt it very much.

Political journalist Bernard Keane for Crikey wrote on Tuesday (24/5/22) “The national broadcaster is hurting itself and losing its hard-earned trust by caving in to pressure from the Coalition and News Corp” and “Destroying a national broadcaster with levels of trust far higher than virtually any other major institution in the country is a huge challenge for the large swathes of the Liberal and National parties, News Corp and far-right lobby groups like the Institute of Public Affairs that want to abolish or privatise it. But what if the ABC could be persuaded to destroy that trust itself? Then you might have more luck.” (Click here to read more)

And that is what is happening. The ABC is destroying its own credibility by having dodgy guests on their shows and then making it worse by failing to tell views of the guest’s compromised background. Not only do the dodgy guests speak dribble that very few viewers buy into, and they stop watching but people on social media and independent media are picking up on the ABC’s failure at full disclosure and pointing it out on social media more and more regularly.

Next time you watch the ABC, and they have a guest you don’t know do an internet search for their name and the various political parties and see what the results are. I know other examples, but I’ll save them for another article.

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  1. ABC has become a sub agent if Murdochs Sky propaganda machine, since Mr Cassidy and Mr O’Brien departed, ABC has become trash and unwatchable, offshoot SBS World News has resorted to trash reporting on par with unwatchable C7 etc, deliberate scheming by the most embarrassing PM in Australian history, Abbott followed by Turnbull and the other more recent embarrassment Morrison, to dumb down and destroy the ABC by cutting funding, as for Downer you couldn’t trust him to walk your pet rat.
    The wise electorate in SA twice rejected the option to elect Downers Daughter for fear she’d be a replay of her embarrassing father.

  2. The Only Thing We have To look Forward To Is The Mortality of The Gaggle Of Deviants, as they inevitably pass on. It makes it damn hard to influence our offspring to foster integrity and stand tall. Broaching 77, Ive managed to see off a few of the nations destroyers. Lets give The Independents a Chance To display Their Mettle

    • There is no way independants will get a look in because of the preference system which does not make it a level playing field at all. We need to do away with the two party system first.

  3. ABC right-wing bias has been on display for quite some time. It has been gutted by successive Liberal governments which are beholden to their Murdoch masters, who are inter-generational implacable enemies of everything the ABC once stood for, starting with Sir Keith Murdoch. It leaves many Australians trying to come to grips with the fact that their sensible but occasionally eccentric old aunt is really quite a nasty, dangerous person.

  4. The ABC needs to be gutted. Glad Leigh Sales is on the way out. What an ungracious sour piece of work she has been for the last few years and let these imposters LNP or their mouthpieces walk all over her. As for Kerry O’Brian on The Project last week and Barry Cassidy they should take up dog walking and get some Vitamin D it may improve their grey matter. These people would not get a job anywhere else. Long gone the days when Australia did have some excellent journalists but that seems way back in the alms of history.

    • Both Kerry O’Brien and Barrie Cassidy are well and truly retired, so I doubt they’d be looking for “a job anywhere” anytime soon.

  5. As soon as I saw Gazard on 4 Corners I wondered how relevant he was. They should have had his title as “Partner of DPG who ripped millions out of the subs deal” instead of Former Advisor to John Howard….as if that is a claim to fame these days. A Royal Commission into the Media (all aspects) is urgently needed. Murdoch Media seems to have corrupted everything it comes into contact with and poisoned genuine journalism. Bernard Keane is absolutely correct too.

    Am glad to see ALP going to look into the case of Bernard Collaery…..very encouraging.

  6. All valid points. And it’s worse and more subtle. “Commentators” are increasingly “doing a Stan Grant” by dominating discussions and talking over guests (like Ellen Fanning with Christine Milne on the Drum last week). And they subtly insert negative terms about the ALP into commentaries. Again, Fanning on the Drum this week: in a discussion on whatever, she said, in a snide voice, “and of course we haven’t heard anything from the government on this”. This about a three DAY old. What she could have said was “It’s going to be interesting and informative to see what the new government will do on this”. And don’t get me started on Julia Baird: from a Liberal blue blood family and with a doctorate in DIVINITY!!!

    • Agree with your sentiments Ken. Also would like to add that Stan Grant is toxic. I don’t watch ABC news but I do read articles on their news website. He came to the ABC from ASPI and just regurgitates US state dept. and CIA propaganda. Once the ABC did provide news from various sources, now it just offers opinion about issues. Opinion that in the main is not thoroughly researched.

  7. “Once upon a time” the ABC together with the major media companies had some credibility. That has all gone out the window over the last few years and now none are worth listening too or watching. Fed up with continual self opinionated thoughts and ideas and not news. Country music audio on TV and ABC direct radio weather report at 6.50am is the watching/listening system today.
    Save the billion dollars a year on the ABC.

  8. I’m not sure how many of these ABC journalists are malign in intent. I think a number of them are just not very good at their jobs. I won’t miss Leigh Sales on 7.30. She could never handle a ‘shouty’ politician without flapping her hands and going to water.
    There is also a cult of ‘personality’ operating in a large swathe of journalists eg Grant, Kervalis, Crabbe, ‘Speersie’, need I go on?

  9. My respect of ‘our’ ABC began its tailspin after Barry Cassidy cornered our former Pie Mincer, challenging him three times with proof from hansard that he lied. The liar, on his third denial, just taunted Barry with the fact that all he had to do was continue his denials until his time allotment ran out. As for the new government, the jury is out for the next three years.

  10. Alexander Downer is also a part of the scandal to bring down President Trump (Russia-gate). Involving Hillary Clinton and others plotting and spying. Sussman case in court atm…about to go boom

  11. Fauziah Ibrahim, one of the news-anchors for ABC Weekend Breakfast not only kept cutting off a Labor MP who tried to answer her question, but maintained a list on Twitter. One was “Labor Trolls/Thugs” and the other was “Lobotomised Shitheads”. This was clearly in breach of the ABC code of conduct, yet all ABC did was give Ibrahim a slap on the wrist. If the ABC was not stack with Murdoch and L/NP sycophants, then she would have been fired.

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