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Barnaby Joyce, who has ripped off taxpayers $million for his family, says you should vote no for The Voice because of potential nepotism

Barnaby Joyce, who has a long history of fraud and theft from the government including stealing for his family, says the public should vote no for The Voice at the referendum which is due later this year because of potential nepotism.

The Voice is an important referendum for all Australians, and we need to do better than giving a voice on the debate to crooks like Barnaby Joyce as they knowingly tells lies on the issue for their own political and possible financial benefit. It’s no secret that Barnaby is one of Gina Rinehart’s puppets and as a billionaire miner I doubt she wants to empower indigenous Australians in any way which might help explain Barnaby’s deliberate lies.

The Voice as stated on the National Indigenous Australians Agency website: In 2023, Australians will have their say in a referendum to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Constitution through an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice.

The Voice will be an independent, representative advisory body for First Nations peoples. It will provide a permanent means to advise the Australian Parliament and Government on the views of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples on matters that affect them. (Click here to read more)

Barnaby Joyce is an expert at nepotism and lined up his former mistress and current wife Vikki Campion with a couple of jobs in the federal government and on some reports she did virtually nothing. At least one of Barnaby Joyce’s daughters, Bridgette Joyce, was given 2 lucrative government jobs because of Barnaby’s National Party connections. John Barilaro, as NSW Deputy Premier, appointed her as an advisor.

But firstly, lets deal with Barnaby’s wife Vikki Campion. reported in February 2018:

PRIME Minister Malcolm Turnbull reportedly had a hand in the creation of two plum jobs for the now-pregnant partner of Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce.

Earlier this week revealed former media adviser Vikki Campion was moved to Nationals Senator Matt Canavan’s office after Mr Turnbull was informed of her and Mr Joyce’s relationship.

Now the Daily Telegraph reports a second role was created in the Nationals Chief Whip’s office, with the PM’s authorisation.

According to the Telegraph, after Ms Campion’s position in Senator Canavan’s office ended, a new job was created for a media adviser in Damian Drum’s office, despite the fact he already had one.

The Prime Minister’s office is believed to have signed off on both moves, and according to the ABC, intervened to ensure Mr Joyce and Ms Campion were distanced professionally. (Click here to read more)

The SMH reported in February 2018:

Malcolm Turnbull’s office has rejected claims Barnaby Joyce breached the ministerial code of conduct when his lover was employed by fellow MPs, arguing Vikki Campion could not be considered the Deputy Prime Minister’s “partner” at the time.

Ms Campion left Mr Joyce’s employ in April last year when their affair – which ultimately ended his 24-year marriage – began creating tensions in the office.

The 33-year-old was then given a new well-paid role with Resources Minister Matt Canavan, a close ally and fellow former staffer of Mr Joyce. Reports have suggested the job carried a salary of about $190,000 a year. When Senator Canavan stood aside over dual citizenship doubts in 2017, Ms Campion then moved to the office of then-chief Nationals whip Damian Drum.

But the ministerial code of conduct makes it clear partners cannot be employed by any other minister without an explicit prime ministerial go-ahead. (Click here to read more)

The below video is Barnaby Joyce talking about 5 points why you should vote no for the voice. He raises nepotism as a concern for The Voice but he fails to mention his own nepotism, his own fraud and theft and he tells lies. (To be clear: The video was Barnaby giving reasons why you shouldn’t vote for The Voice and I edited to reasons why you shouldn’t vote for the Nationals as a joke which I posted on YouTube yesterday.) 

John Barilaro helps his mate Barnaby Joyce’s daughter

In 2021 it was reported by The Daily Mail:

Bridgette Joyce, 25, nabbed a coveted job as a senior political advisor to now-former NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro in February this year, just one year out of university.  

She had previously worked under Mental Health Minister Bronnie Taylor and exhibited a keen interest in following her father’s footsteps in Australian politics. (Click here to read more)

Bridgette Joyce’s first job was with NSW MP Bronnie Taylor who is the sister-in-law of federal MP Angus Taylor. Then she gets a “senior political advisor” job with John Barilaro who was NSW leader of the National Party and Deputy NSW Premier. 

It’s blatantly obvious that Vikki Campion and Bridgette Joyce landed their jobs because of nepotism. I have to wonder what other family members and friends of Barnaby Joyce have received government jobs because of his intervention.

Barnaby also still has a few issues, such as the Watergate frauds that now total at least $190 million, which I would expect will have him before the National Anti-Corruption Commission later this year or early next year at the latest. 

The bottom line is Barnaby Joyce and many others in the National and Liberal parties are telling deliberate lies to convince people to vote no for The Voice and those people should be exposed for who they really are.

Barnaby Joyce says he is worried about potential nepotism with The Voice, yet Barnaby is proven to be one of the biggest abusers of nepotism for his own family’s financial gain.

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  1. And what about Barnaby Joyce enthusiasm for the Inland Freight Rail Project – now running at 3x times over-budget – presumably only to benefit towns which the Nationals need to hold !

  2. And what about BJ’s “water report” sent to Scummo by text – and he got paid $675,000 – for “expenses” – including his Parliamentary salary and 2 staff members – for 9 months “work”.

  3. IMHO, BJ (unfortunate initials) is an innocuously inept and futile person in public office. A true THROTTLE BOTTOM!!! I have always seen and referred to him as the Court Jester. IMHO, the only other position worthy of his transferable skills and abilities, would be Groom of the Stool.
    One debacle after another from this man and the party he represents. His personal traits and habits are hard to fathom, and I just cannot understand how people continue to vote for him with the family and community values he displays right across the country and in parliament house.
    Totally Beyond Me!

  4. An attack ad on Joyce’s predecessor in New England featured two gossips talking about him being “unfaithful”. Only the punchline mentions Tony Windsor as being unfaithful to his electors. I heard that Windsor’s was very hurt by that.

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