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2015 NSW State Election launch by KCA outside Premier Mike Baird’s office

I went to Manly on Tuesday (17-3-15) and took some happy snaps outside the office of NSW Premier Mike Baird. It is what I call the “Kangaroo Court of Australia State Election campaign launch”. It is something anyone and everyone can do in a very cost effective manner. Take some pictures that tell a story outside the politician’s office and drop off some copies of the posters so they cannot say they did not know.

Mike Baird Business Card

Mike Baird’s business card. A souvenir from his office.

As you see below I had three different posters and kept it fairly specific to judicial corruption. Two posters deal with Justice Ian Harrison and Justice Lucy McCallum with the issues I have raised from my own experience and the other from my reporting regarding Judge Garry Neilson. I wrote about Judge Neilson recently regarding Premier Baird failing to take action given Judge Neilson’s support for paedophilia. (Click here to read the previous post)

Some people might say it is a waste of time pushing for action against Judge Neilson. But as I point out below, if the Catholic Archbishop of Adelaide can be charged, which he has on Tuesday (17-3-15), then there is no reason why Judge Neilson should not at least be investigated fully and publicly.

Quite often simple things like a picture can have a real impact. We might not have a multi-million dollar budget like the big political parties but we are still capable of having an impact. Some political seats will come down to a few hundred votes, if that, to determine who wins. This can also be seen as a trial run for future elections, especially the federal election next year.

I went inside Mr Baird’s office and dropped off 3 copies of the posters (smaller size) and while I was there I asked what is happening with the $2000 I was fined for contempt of court (blowing the whistle on judicial corruption). I was told in December last year that it is under investigation after I sent an email to the Premier. (Click here to read they email) The receptionist said she would get someone from the parliamentary office to contact me. At the time of writing this post they have not contacted me. If they do I will update this post.

Judge Garry NeilsonJudge Garry Neison - Mike Baird

Justice Ian Harrison

Justice Harrison - Mike Baird

Justice Lucy McCallum – (It is almost identical to the Justice Harrison post)

Justice Lucy McCallum - Mike Baird

(Click on the picture twice to enlarge or if you right click on the pictures and save them to your computer then you can enlarge them to make it easier to read the posters)

A lot of what this site does is trial and error. Some things will work and others will not. Some things will take a long time to determine whether they have worked or not. I think the above sign strategy will work but it might take a while. Then again it might work quickly if enough people drive it because the politicians can no longer play the dummy game and say they do not know about the issues because photographic evidence shows they do.

Catholic Archbishop of Adelaide Philip Wilson has been charged with concealing child sex abuse – A shiver of fear will be felt globally by thousands of others who could also face prosecution.

It was reported widely on Tuesday that the “Archbishop of Adelaide has become the most senior Catholic official worldwide to be charged with concealing child sex abuse allegedly committed by another priest.” (Click here to read more).

And: “The Catholic Archbishop of Adelaide, Philip Wilson, has been charged over the alleged cover-up of child sex abuse by the Catholic Church in the Maitland-Newcastle region.”

“The charge relates to the 64-year-old’s alleged failure to report child sex abuse carried out by priest James Fletcher during the 1970s.”“Fletcher died in 2006, a year after he was jailed for at least seven and a half years following his conviction of nine sexual abuse charges relating to a teenager between 1989 and 1991.” (Click here to read more)

The charging of Archbishop Philip Wilson almost guarantees that others will be charged. It will also put The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse under extreme pressure to recommend criminal charges against the likes of Cardinal George Pell, former headmasters at Knox Grammar and possibly the current headmaster etc. Others to worry should also include Judge Garry Neilson who is meant to be currently under investigation by The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. I have no doubt that Judge Neilson would be the tip of the Iceberg for the judiciary. 

Coleman v Power

I mentioned the 2004 High Court judgement, Coleman v Power, on all the posters. It is a matter “that deals with the implied right to freedom of political communication found in the Australian Constitution”.

Coleman handed out flyers in Townsville alleging corruption in the Queensland police force. He was arrested and charged by the police but the High Court found he was protected under the constitution. That is almost identical to my posters above and what allows me or you to legally call judges corrupt. (Click here to read more on Wikipedia) (Click here to read the judgement)

Social media tags: #auspol #nswpol #nswvotes

The tags that I put on all posters are #auspol which is used for federal Australian politics, #nswpol which is NSW state politics and #nswvotes which is used for the state election. People often use these in messages like Twitter to make it easy for others to find the information they want. For example if you want to know what is happening is federal politics search #auspol on Twitter.

Have your own Election Campaign

It is easy and cost effective to do what I have done above and you can write what you want on your posters. Or you can save the above pictures and use them on your own social media such as Facebook and Twitter and also send it to others such as Premier Mike Baird and ask him what he plans on doing regarding the issues raised.

Politicians can ignore answering questions from journalists and the public but they cannot ignore the votes on Election Day. Things are changing fast and the smart politicians are waking up to this. That is why you see some of them going to pubs etc answering questions from the public.

Premier Mike Baird and the Liberals are expected to win the NSW Election on the 28th March even given the recent corruption scandals that have plagued his government. If the Liberals do win it is because the corruption in the previous Labor government has been in the media almost every week for the past 4 years. So it is not a case of the Liberals being good, but just not being as bad a Labor.

Admin: I didn’t do my regular Sunday post as I had a recurrence of a pinched nerve in the neck on Friday night. Occupational hazard for people who spend a lot of time in front of computers and slouch in the chair. All good now with plenty of icing on Sunday which worked better than the anti-inflammatories the doctor gave me on Saturday. My tip for readers who also get a sore neck.

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  1. I think most people are fully aware of the shaky judiciary all over Australia and knocking Baird for protecting them is fruitless, Baird will win the election as a choice by the NSW electorate as the”Lessor of the two evils” imagine the chaos if Luke Foley was to be premier,it would be like voting for Yogi bear. Liars in the Labor party are not exactly thin on the ground but Foley is competing with the present and past Labor leaders.He reminds me of Rudd fluttering around cloud cuckoo land but Rudd had more film star type appeal and sucked in thousands of gullible Australians. By the end of this month Foley will be well on the way to the scrap heap and by the end of the year joined by Shorten. Allan Usherwood from Myalup.

  2. How come so many politicians have ties to ABC presenters? Although it is usually Labor and ABC, Mike Baird’s sister is a presenter on the Drum and part of the Abbott Derangement Set. Must make for some very terse family gatherings, or is Mike Baird just another Labor sheep in Liberal clothing?

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