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Bill Shorten’s Labor Party deliberately leaked investigation sex allegations about Emma Husar to end her career

Someone in the Labor Party leaked career ending sexual harassment allegations against Emma Husar this week but no one is saying anything regarding the leak. But all roads lead back to Bill Shorten as he and his supporters have a long history of publishing dirt sheets and leaking them to the media to destroy the careers of fellow Labor Party members when it has suited their agenda.

The allegations against Husar are dynamite and almost all the Australian media have reported them which includes the alleged replication by Emma Husar of the notorious Sharon Stone Basic Instinct scene where she crosses her legs with no underwear.

The latest allegations included:

In a letter dated May 16, seen by BuzzFeed News, lawyer John Joseph Whelan requests that Husar appear in person to be interviewed and respond to an attached list of allegations and alleged behaviours being reviewed by him on behalf of NSW Labor.

The allegations sent from Whelan to Husar include misuse of funds and entitlements, misuse of staff, workplace bullying, intimidation, verbal abuse, spreading false rumours, sexualised behaviour, and sexual harassment.

Staff told Whelan that Husar would often talk about sex and engage in inappropriate sexualised behaviour in the office.

“Several employees reported that you would discuss in the office who you found attractive and who you wanted to have sex with or who you have had sex with including references to Members of Parliament and Members of Staff,” Whelan wrote in his letter to Husar.

One staff member alleged that on June 19, 2017, at approximately 7:05pm, while in Labor frontbencher Jason Clare’s office, Husar performed the revealing leg-crossing move made famous by Sharon Stone in the film Basic Instinct.

“It is alleged that you and [redacted] attended Mr Jason Clare’s office at Parliament. Mr Clare was sitting on the floor playing with his son. [Redacted] alleged that he was sitting opposite you and that on three occasions you spread your legs, revealing that you were not wearing any underwear. [Redacted] felt that your conduct was deliberate, proactive and targeted towards Mr Clare.” (Click here to read more)

Emma Husar had become a big problem for Bill Shorten and was doing damage to his chances of becoming Prime Minister. Husar became an even bigger problem during the week when it was reported she used taxpayer funds to attend a concert in Brisbane in March for singer Bruno Mars. With a boost to his confidence by the Super-Saturday election results Bill Shorten and his righthand man Andrew Landeryou would have decided it was time to put the last nail into Emma Husar’s career to make sure she was gone sooner rather than later.

Even if you disagree that Shorten leaked the allegations what can’t be disputed is that someone in the Labor Party leaked the letter and Bill Shorten as leader has to take responsibility. At this point no one on the Labor Party is complaining about the leak or saying that the leak will be investigated which is what Shorten could have and should have done unless of course he was the one who green lighted the leak.

This is important because some people are trying to blame the journalist for doing nothing more than her job yet failing to acknowledge it was the Labor Party who leaked on one of their own to destroy her career and it points back to Shorten.


On Thursday (19-7-18) the story broke that “Federal Labor MP Emma Husar is being investigated over allegations of workplace bullying and misconduct within her Western Sydney electorate office after a number of former staff members came forward with complaints against her.” (Click here to read more) The basis of the first story does not seem to be a leak from the Labor Party but a number of complainants complaining to the journalist that nothing had been done by the Labor Party. But the latest allegation of sexual harassment definitely came from someone within the Labor Party who had access to the investigation file.

To some degree the story was starting to die down as Emma Husar took leave although some stories of further fraudulent use of taxpayer’s money were published. But then last Wednesday (1/8/18) it was reported that Emma Husar had misused taxpayer’s money to go to Brisbane to see the Bruno Mars concert. Although this allegation was on Twitter the night before.

From what I can tell by Wednesday afternoon at the latest a letter was leaked by someone in the Labor Party about the sexual harassment allegations to journalist Alice Workman who writes for the website Buzzfeed and who broke the original story on Emma Husar. The evidence that supports the conclusion of when the letter was leaked is that Alice Workman would not sit on a story like that for long otherwise she would be potentially scooped by another journalist on the story. She published the story the next day at 9.33am on Thursday the 2nd of August 2018.

Ms Workman also sent questions to Bill Shorten and Emma Husar. Emma Husar did not respond but did Tweet a response after the story was published and Bill Shorten only responded after the story was published. Alice Workman updated her latest article and said:

Emma Husar did not respond to BuzzFeed News’ request for comment, but instead tweeted.

“This smear is completely and utterly untrue, unfair and hurtful beyond belief. 100 per cent false.”

“I have done my best to cooperate with the investigation and clear my name, but it’s clear these people will stop at nothing to destroy me.”

Bill Shorten’s office told BuzzFeed News he had not seen the list of allegations sent from Whelan to Husar.

“Mr Shorten has not seen the letter referred to in today’s BuzzFeed article, nor was he aware of its existence before today,” a spokesperson said.

“NSW ALP informed the Opposition Leader of the independent investigation on 18 July, following a media enquiry.”

Jason Clare’s office told BuzzFeed News that the allegation about Husar’s conduct in his office is “categorically untrue”. The staff member in question stood by the allegation. (Click here to read more)

What it points to is that journalist Alice Workman only sent the questions to Bill Shorten and Emma Husar the afternoon/night before on Wednesday the 1st of August 2018 before she published on Thursday. So the Emma Husar / Bruno Mars story was one negative story too many for someone in the Labor Party (Bill Shorten) and they decided to leak the letter with the sexual harassment allegations against Emma Husar knowing it would end her career.

Senator Kimberley Kitching and her husband Andrew Landeryou

Bill Shorten has a number of people who do his dirty work and one of them is well-known branch stacker and fraudster Andrew Landeryou who I understand is on the government payroll working for his wife Senator Kimberley Kitching. Landeryou is the go to man for Shorten for any dirty work such as destroying people’s reputations.

Bill Shorten and his righthand man Landeryou have published many dirt sheets when Landeryou’s wife Senator Kimberley Kitching ran at least three unsuccessful pre-selection campaigns for the Labor Party. The ABC reported on it in 2013 when Kitching was trying to be pre-selected in Julia’s Gillard’s old seat of Gellibrand in Melbourne. Kitching says she was accused of distributing a dirt sheet by former Attorney-General Nicola Roxon and threatened to sue Nicola Roxon for defamation and Kitching said she would swear on oath it wasn’t true. (Click here) In 2014/2015 Kimberley Kitching was caught perjuring herself at the Trade Union Royal Commission while she gave evidence in the witness stand under oath and was referred to the CDPP from criminal charges.

Andrew Landeryou and wife Kimberley Kitching at the Mid Winter Ball in Canberra in 2017.


Andrew Landeryou is an internet troll, who had a court order taken out against him in April this year for trolling, who specialises in fraud and theft and would have been waiting to destroy someone to flex his factional muscle at parliament house. If Bill Shorten is elected Prime Minister, which looks likely, then Andrew Landeryou’s name will become well-known and for all the wrong reasons.

I Tweeted the below message on Wednesday and it was also sent to Bill Shorten’s Twitter account. It obviously upset the right people as they sent me a nasty message in reply which had all the hallmarks of Andrew Landeryou and one of his troll accounts which tells me I am on the right track.

The hypocrisy of the Labor Party. Happy to leak on their own when they are seen as dead wood

Emma Husar’s career was basically all over last week when bullying and fraud allegations surfaced after numerous complaints from former staff but by staying around she has obviously become a problem that Bill Shorten does not want anymore. The point of this article is not to defend Emma Husar as I believe she should go but to put some reality into the situation. Some people are defending Emma Husar saying it is disgusting that the media have reported the sexual harassment allegations when it is in fact the Labor Party and Bill Shorten who should take responsibility for the leaking of the allegations.

The problem for the Labor Party is because Emma Husar is in a marginal seat she was already pre-selected to represent the Labor Party at the next election to give her plenty of time to campaign and unless Husar resigns it makes it hard for the Labor Party to get rid of her. That is why the sexual harassment allegations were leaked to try to make her resign. People should stop blaming the journalists for reporting what Bill Shorten and the Labor Party wanted reported so much so they leaked the letter with the sexual harassment allegations. If anyone wants to blame anyone they should blame Bill Shorten and the Labor Party.

Emma Husar is now trying to claim the allegations are a factional vendetta against her but that is wrong as there are too many complainants and some have gone to work in other political offices. And then there are the issues of making staff walk her dog, look after her children, the paid live in nanny on the governments payroll and misuse of expenses which are real corruption issues if proven and can’t be blamed on some factional war whether the factional war is true or not. It must be remembered that the allegations against Emma Husar have been investigated and initially leaked by the NSW Labor Party head office and not one person in the Labor party, including Bill Shorten, is criticising the leaking.

Emma Husar’s main enemy now is not the people who made the complaints but Bill Shorten and the Labor Party who want her gone immediately.

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  1. What will be of most interest will be who they put forward to replace Ms Husar. This has reeked from the very start as a Labor factional fracas. The lady may be a dishonest, entitlements-grasping grub, but she would be no means alone in wearing that tag among any line up of politicians from either side of politics.

  2. True observation..!! With Landeryou & Kitching so close to Shorten, all of whom have major discreditation on their records concerning fraud & theft, one wonders if a ‘bent’ character is mandatory for ALP pollies.

  3. Whelan knows that if Emma Husar appears in “person” she will have taken the bait.

    Done deal.

    “The bigger the crime the less likely you’ll do time”, but if you are their opponent a $7.50 key will do the job and out you go.

    Wake up “Aussies” to the fraud in our courts and the “Scribes” weaving their “Magic” to enslave good people into their system…

    • We Aussies are ‘awake’ to the corrupt shebang of Australian politics, in and out, back to front, up and down and inside out.
      Tell us Sam, who is able and how do we find someone to rid us of the corruption.
      The ‘apex’ of the legal/political ‘mountain is totally corrupt, the space above the apex is empty.
      Use a postal vote to cut out the huge money waste at polling stations at election times.
      The honest ways of destroying the corruption are difficult to find.

      • G’day Jonde

        Grand Juries are the solution to despotic Government. Wherein “We the People” bring them to account, as employees in Public service.

        The Imperial Acts Application Act as in force through Magna Carta grants us this right. Jury of twenty-five at common law, Where Jurors decide not paid for Judges in Admiralty jurisdiction like we endure at present.

        Below is a link, the principle is the same on the land in Australia.

        We are just shuffling the chairs hoping that things will change. not going to happen, thirty years in the waiting.

        Just look at the evidence of fiduciary malfeasance on the right-hand side of Shane’s blog. If even 1% was true then we are in deep sh1t.

        Due diligence reveals that we are governed not governing. Eventually we as a people, have let them do everything for us and now they have flipped the role of public servant and master.

        Hope this helps

  4. There is a very quick way to cut down on this corruption – introduce compulsory minimum jail sentences of at least 5 to 10 years! Most of these leakers (more properly, political muggers) are lesser beings hoping to enhance their future and if faced with the real chance of jail time will run – and be more than ready to put the blame where it really belongs!

  5. Having the choice between Turnbull and Shorten is like having the choice between being hanged or being given the electric chair. The question we need to ask is how do such odorous and disgusting people worm their way into these positions of power? The two party system gives you a choice between some union backed Fabian Socialist or a Globalist, corporate lawyer like Turnbull.

    The way the economy is now, most people are working two jobs to survive, so have little time to ponder or rationalize their serfdom. Shorten is a sly, devious, self server like most of them but the slime around him drops to another level. God help us if he is elected.

  6. Emmar Husar recently stated: ” politicians, I want to be one, you can lie, steal, cheat and use other people’s money to go on holidays – the best job in the world “.
    I think that says it all about her character & this probably applies to most pollies.

  7. Emma Husar has just announced that she will be not recontest the seat of Lindsay in next year’s election. Good riddance to her. But Bill Shorten yet again is the person doing all the dirty work along with his “Crime Gang” by getting rid of a problem which was Emma Husar. Bill Shorten is man with no loyalty, no honor, no honesty. One day I hope that the Labor Party/unions & the Australian people will get rid of Bill Shorten as the Labor Party leader and or maybe Prime Minister. Shorten treats acquaintances and even friends with the same type that if they don’t serve his own grubby purpose anymore, he tosses them away like they are nothing to him.

  8. Hi Shane, I’ve been following your “war” with Capilano Honey & Kerry Stokes in relation to Chinese toxic honey. It appears this company & shareholder , Kerry Stokes are about to be rewarded for their dishonesty when Wattle Hill , a private equity group, is set to takeover Capilano Honey & purchase all the shares.
    Seems ,at this stage, there is no justice in this world. Hoping at least you & Mr. Mulvany win your court case.

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