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Five Sheriff’s Officers used to intimidate journalist Shane Dowling by the Supreme Court’s Justice Clifton Hoeben

Five Court Sheriffs were used to try to intimidate me on Friday (3/5/19) in the NSW Supreme Court by Justice Clifton Hoeben while he aided and abetted Kerry Stokes and Capilano Honey in their SLAPP lawsuits against me.

I was in court for directions for the 2 criminal contempt applications I had made in the Capilano Honey matter and also in the Kerry Stokes, Ryan Stokes and Justine Munsie matter. I was also in court for the hearing of Capilano Honey’s application to strike out my defence.

Justice Hoeben had obviously pre-planned his intimidation game as he was looking after the defamation list and there were other lawyers and barristers in court for other defamation matters and he didn’t want them to see what he was up to. My 2 matters were listed near the top, but he said he would hold both over until the end knowing all the other lawyers and barrister would be gone.

I noticed one Court Sheriff at the beginning but the full 5 didn’t show up until just before Justice Hoeben started to deal with my matters and they sat in the back of the court room for my full hearing. I asked Justice Hoeben about the 5 Court Sheriffs and how it was disgraceful and a waste of taxpayers money but he would’t answer. At the start of the hearing Justice Hoeben started lecturing me on the court’s code of conduct about when I could talk, when I had to sit down and not to interrupt anyone etc.

Then all of a sudden Justice Hoeben said that I was also not to call him a paedophile or any other judges of the court a paedophile and that I knew what would happen if I did. He was implying that I would be jailed, and the 5 court Sheriffs were obviously to reinforce the threat.

I thought that’s a first for any judge to say that but not surprising given I spent 4 months in jail last year for calling Hoeben a paedophile and registrar Christopher Bradford a suspected paedophile and known bribe taker in court in February 2017.

I said to Justice Hoeben what if I called him a “bribe-taker”. He said I couldn’t call him that either.

Justice Clifton Hoeben

Now I am sure everyone reading this article would think “what the hell is Justice Hoeben doing hearing any matter involving Shane Dowling and why didn’t Mr Dowling ask Justice Hoeben to stand down for perceived bias if not real bias”.

Well, I did ask Justice Hoeben to stand down from hearing any matter involving me when I was in court for directions on the 22nd March 2019, but he refused. I also asked Justice Hoeben to stand down again on Friday (3/5/19) and this time I referred to documented evidence in an affidavit as to why he should stand down and once again he refused. There is enough evidence in the affidavit to show that Chief Justice Tom Bathurst wanted me stitched up for jail as far back as September 2016 and given that any of my matters should be dealt with by interstate judges.

As part of the affidavit there is also an article that is still on my website that says Justice Hoeben is a known paedophile and he didn’t regard that as a reason why he should stop hearing the matter. (Click here to see the article)

At this point Hoeben has not published any written reason for his refusal to stand down on the 22nd of March 2019 so I wonder if he will publish reasons for his refusal to stand down on Friday (3/5/19) as he gave no reasons when we were in court.

The below video was filmed after court on the 22nd of March 2019.

(I also live streamed a video onto Twitter after court on Friday (3/5/19) which you can watch on Twitter by clicking here)

Not only did Justice Clifton Hoeben refuse to stand down from hearing the matter he summarily dismissed my 2 criminal contempt charges in the Capilano Honey matter and also in the Kerry Stokes, Ryan Stokes and Justine Munsie matter. This was scandalous as a barrister had shown up to deal with the directions for the 2 criminal contempt matters and Justice Hoeben’s action to dismiss them seemed to even surprise the barrister.

I can only assume that Kerry Stokes right hand man Bruce McWilliam has called in another one of those judicial favours he likes to brag about to journalists. (Click here to read more)

Blatant bias by the court

Justice Hoeben said I needed leave of the court (permission by the court) to file the Notice of Motion for criminal contempt and he was refusing for both matters. He said I would have to file a separate summons which has the effect of starting a new case and would be a lot more expensive for me and also waste more time.

Hoeben claimed it was because I also charged the lawyers with contempt and they were not parties to the proceedings but their barrister didn’t complain. Also, I said that the notice of motions for contempt could go ahead against the people who were parties in the matters and Hoeben still said no. Hoeben then said the proceedings had been going too long and the contempts were irrelevant to the matters.

Hoeben also said that the Stokes/ Munsie matter was finalised except for costs. I said that is not correct as it is set down for final orders to be argued at the end of the month and that could be confirmed by asking their barrister Sandy Dawson or lawyer Richard Keegan who were there. I said it also could be confirmed by me checking my email on my mobile and reading out the email from the judge’s chambers or for Hoeben to contact the judge’s chambers.

Hoeben refused all options to verify that the Munsie / Stokes matter had further argument to go and said he was correct and that only costs in the Munsie matter was left to be decided and he did not want to reopen it with my contempt motion.

This shows blatant bias by the court because Kerry Stokes and Seven have filed 3 Notice of Motions for contempt against me where I was found guilty twice and fined $2000 the first time (which I never had to pay) and jailed for 4 months the second time for breaching suppression orders. The third contempt proceedings by Seven is still afoot and they are trying to jail me again.

So why didn’t court make them file summonses? That is not perceived bias, that is real bias. And why didn’t Justice Hoeben say anything on the 22nd of March when the Capilano Honey contempt matter was first in court for directions?

Threatened with contempt at least 10 times during the course of the hearing

On Friday Justice Hoeben threatened me with jail over 10 times. I said their lawyer Richard Keegan had perjured himself and I received a warning. I said that their barrister Sandy Dawson had lied, and I received a warning, I said that Justice Hoeben was biased and I received a warning and on it went.

Hoeben became aggressive when he warned me. Hoeben never used the word jail. He would just say “you know what will happen”. He’s an absolute grub who’s unfit to be a judge.

Numerous SLAPP lawsuits

Kerry Stokes and his companies have 4 SLAPP lawsuits against me and have been playing delaying tactics with 3 which are the Capilano Honey matter, the Munsie / Stokes matter and the Jane Doe matter. I had to file a notice of motion to have the Capilano Honey matter listed again as Justice Hoeben and Capilano refused to. Justice Rothman threatened to close the Munsie/ Stokes matter a few weeks ago because the applicants had done nothing to finalize it.

And in the Jane Doe matter, which is a well-known on-air host at Channel 7, a well-known actress at Channel Seven and 2 former staff members which have been suing me since December 2016, I had to email them directly this week because Justice Hoeben and their lawyers ignored my emails. When I emailed them their lawyer Richard Keegan emailed me and said in effect they had been waiting for a final hearing date. Well that means they have been waiting since August 2018 which is a lie as you can get a date in a matter of days if not hours.

The Jane Doe matter still hasn’t gone anywhere or been set down for directions or final hearing as Justice Hoeben refused my request again in court on Friday. After arguing with Hoeben he said to send his associate another email which he’ll probably ignore again.

The only matter they are pushing is the Seven Network and Seven West Media v Shane Dowling matter where they are trying to jail me in relation to a website that I never owned and which Kerry Stokes / Seven now own.

Towards the very end of the hearing, and after another threat by Justice Hoeben of being jailed, I grabbed my stuff and said I’ve had enough of the threats and went to walk out and I said that I would apply to have the matter removed to the High Court which is what I will do soon.

Justice Hoeben’s and the courts conduct is clear and blatant vindictive revenge against me for the judicial corruption articles I have published on my website as well as the court continuing to help facilitate Kerry Stokes’ and Capilano Honey’s SLAPP lawsuits.

Having 5 Court Sheriffs for my hearing was not the first time they have had court sheriffs to try and intimidate me. I wonder how many $100,000’s of taxpayers’ money have been spent by the court trying to silence me, intimidate me and deny me natural justice? Every taxpayer should be horrified at the lengths that government employees and courts will go to hide corruption and persecute journalists and whistleblowers.

I spoke to the Court Sheriffs at the end of the hearing and they were fine. They didn’t say so, but they knew they had been used and sent to the court in numbers to try and intimidate me. 

I will not say too much but there are some positives to come out of Fridays hearings with the obvious one being clear evidence of judicial corruption and I’ll write more about that in the near future.

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  1. “Child rape conviction lifted for Lismore man on 2nd appeal” reported by South Burnett Times – and who was the judge that lifted the conviction – yours truly!!! Reported 25/07/2015 Apparently Said Judge lifted the man’s rape conviction and ordered his immediate release from jail.
    Sounds like the previously Convicted Raper of the 6 year old had ‘luck’ on his side; and more than the poor little 6 year old, who’s jailed in trauma for life! Yes our taxes are being rorted on frivoulous matters; whilst a Pedophile Rapist is awarded freedom. If I was amongst the Judges in the Judiciary I would be appalled at the lack of legal standards operating in these matters; and the blatant disregard to judicial peers! Bit like a football team with a lousy player, but with more serious implications for the public interest!

    Read here:

  2. Amazing.
    What you describe here, is a live and functioning “Star Court”.

    Proceedings of any court or other government body that are held in secret and produce arbitrary results.

    Obviously these proceedings are conspitorial, with outcomes that match the outcomes of a Star Chamber, which were terminated in England in 1640, totally corrupted and dishonourable.


  3. The same modus operandi operates in Victoria. When there is a case that will bring the establishment to account, the judge always waits until the court is cleared so as the victim can be beaten up and bullied. These people all read from the same operations manual, which has been derived from their days at the wealthy private boarding schools. Places where brutality and abuse are still part of the training programme. The abuse often sexual is carried out by those at the top of the power structure “the bully boys” behind closed doors. Out of sight, out of mind and yet every body knows when it happens and where it happens but are too scared to do anything about it. The court system throughout Australia has been designed upon this culture, but it is either a sign of their arrogance, or their ambivalence towards any adverse repercussions that is dangerous for every Australian. Obviously the appointment of Hoeben has been contrived and his ploy to bring up the issues of his own paedophilia has all been well thought through. Unfortunately the main focus of Australian politics revolves around diversion from the real issues that impact upon all of us and the integrity of our legal profession and the Judicial structure are not being addressed by the main stream media, Ala Kerry Stokes and Co.

  4. Australians are sick and tired of the corruption in this country. When peaddophiles are allowed to rule our courts and our country it is time for us, the voters to get rid of them. Come on Australia, stop thinking of your wallets and start thinking about your kids and their futures. Enough lives have been ruined by these sub humans. One detail they miss is the fact that Karma doesn’t care who you are or what position in life you hold. Push on your doing a magnificent job. You have many supporters who believe in your cause.

    • The removal of the corrupt people involved is impossible using legal actions.
      The High Court Of Australia is a private corporation with an Australian Business Number, the Constitution Of Australia is ignored and every person in the Australian legal system are not law abiding citizens.
      Anyone who thinks that the Mafia-style tactics of bending and side-stepping the laws of Australia are outdated are sadly mistaken.
      This site produces information of corrupt courtroom activities, many replies suggest that ‘something be done to get rid of the crooked lawyers and judges’, but no-one to date has provided a positive solution.
      The question, “Who guards the guard while the guard guards you.” can be changed to, “Who judges the judge while the judge judges you.”

  5. The same bull shit is in Queensland a sick pedo in Harvey Bay just sentenced to 4 months jail for rapeing his 9 year old step daughter. I was abused at the same age and can tell you that little girls life is ruined . Us as guardians of all children need justice for this girl . I am ready and want to tip this corrupt country on its head this nonsence must stop. The politicians the cops the courts the prison system and the protected parasites that run with them must all be bought to justice . We as the people of this country must take action now . I want to know what are we going to do to bring this about . It is our duty to that 1 girl to bare what is ever needed to bring this to a head . We can not rely on any system in this country to fix this . I am ready and I will go on the front line .

  6. Steven, put a bad apple in a barrel of good apples, the good apples become bad, put a good apple in the barrel, what will happen, another bad apple.
    Until corruption ceases to pay the highest salaries then Australia will continue to in the same ‘playing field’ with the other corrupt countries in the world.

  7. Given that it was clearly the “smart move”, but obviously lost on him, Hoeben should have immediately recused himself from hearing any matter involving you, and because he chose not to do so, entirely of his very own volition, with nothing according to law preventing him from doing so, evinces that he has futilely attempted to become a law unto himself, which will now from hereon in be seen to not only continue to haunt him, but also that too of New South Wales’ roundly risible and but-putative legal system, which has for quite some time now been held in decided disrepute right across this great country of ours, if not the globe to boot. Stay well, and don’t let the bastards grind you down.

  8. Hoeben is showing his true colours there and is acting above the law. A true Narcissist. I wonder if Theresa May will call him out?
    Hoeben has done his homework trying to manipulate that you calling him a pedo is aggressive and therefore I need Five Sheriff’s to protect me. This is classic ‘ shoot the messenger’ tactics by reversing the accusations. Your court case was reversed. You were the problem and not stokes and party. Same is happening for Julian Assange

  9. You should right a letter to the Bar and report the judge, write a formal complaint to the court about the judge and have all your matters removed to another Supreme court.

  10. There is nothing here that liberation can’t fix. Rid the sovereign, unceded, island of land thieves

  11. Is anyone in this country (with more than two functioning brain cells) still deluded enough to believe our entire Administration is anything other than criminally corrupt?

    All Parliaments, all Judiciary, every Bureaucracy, Govt Depts, Law Enforcement … all of it, operates on bribery and corruption, milking the Treasuries, rorting lurks and perks, and persecuting any Citizen or whistleblower who dares to challenge the criminal status quo.

    Why would any Supreme Court have a Chief Justice?

    What exactly is his job if not to examine transcripts of contentious cases and to oversee the performance of judges to assure that the rulings they bring down on the heads of Citizens are lawful and fair? Who is the final arbiter of such an archaic dog-eat-dog System?

    Police who won’t investigate, Public Prosecutors who won’t prosecute, TAX officials who won’t pursue tax cheats, Security Services who won’t deport criminals, Ministers whose arbitrary rulings go unchallenged, MPs who won’t expose egregiously corrupt damage caused to their constituents … and with a bought-and-paid-for Corporate Media, it’s a bloody free-for-all in the Lucky Country!

    Lady Justice wears a blindfold so she won’t see the truth, uses her scales to weigh her 30 pieces of silver and her sword to rain blows on anybody who challenges such corruption. She’s no “lady” – she’s just another tart in a nightie, for sale to the highest bidder.

  12. Justice Clifton Hoeben has violated the Magna Carta and in so doing so can face 25 years in prison for his illegal activities in a court of law .

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