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Federal corruption doubling in 3 years. Allegations of crimes inside Federal Police and Border Force #auspol

Government corruption has doubled in the last 3 years a survey of the bureaucracy suggests. But you don’t have to go past the offices of Australian Federal Police Commissioner Andrew Colvin and Australian Border Force CEO Roman Quaedvlieg to see allegations of corruption.

Australian Federal Police Commissioner Andrew Colvin

One of Andrew Colvin’s most senior advisers was charged with fraud in November 2017 after allegedly stealing $47,000 using a government credit card. The ABC report:

“The former right-hand man to the Australian Federal Police Commissioner used his corporate credit card to defraud the agency of $47,000, it will be alleged.”

“Gary John Fahey, of Moorooka in Brisbane’s south, had worked as executive officer to AFP Commissioner Andrew Colvin since 2014.”

“According to the summons, Fahey “dishonestly caused a loss to the AFP, knowing or believing that the loss would occur contrary to the Criminal Code”.”

“Fahey, 40, was ordered to face court one week after the ABC put a series of written questions to AFP Media about allegations that Fahey misused his corporate credit card.” (Click here to read more)

It sounds like a cover-up was in progress until it was leaked to the media and only then action was taken.

Australian Border Force CEO Roman Quaedvlieg

Roman Quaedvlieg was forced aside and has been on paid leave for over 7 months while he is investigated for allegedly abusing his power by using his position to help his girlfriend secure a job at Sydney Airport. The allegation against him for abusing his power is one thing but for the investigation to last 7 months while he is getting paid his $618,000 a year salary is ridiculous.

Roman Quaedvlieg’s son charged with drug possession.

As head of Border Force one of Roman Quaedvlieg’s main roles is to make sure drugs don’t come into this country. Last week his son was found guilty of drug possession. While every family has drug issues it would be a concern that criminals could have used that information to potentially blackmail Roman Quaedvlieg.

“The son of stood-aside Australian Border Force boss Roman Quaedvlieg has been fined $500 by a Queensland magistrate for possessing ecstasy.”

“Che Roman-Dujon Quaedvlieg pleaded guilty to the single charge of possessing dangerous drugs in a Brisbane court this morning and the matter was dealt with quickly – without a conviction being recorded.” (Click here to read more)

The Corruption Survey

The ABC corruption article isn’t long but way overdue. It says:

A survey of the bureaucracy revealed 5 per cent of respondents said they had seen misconduct, with cronyism and nepotism the most common charge.

The Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) has admitted there is some corruption in the bureaucracy, but stressed it remained rare and staff were vigilant to the threat.

But former New South Wales Supreme Court Judge Anthony Whealy said corruption could be more widespread than many realised.

“We know that in the public service whistleblowing is absolutely frowned on,” Mr Whealy told the ABC.

“People who work in the public service, in many instances, would be afraid to report their superiors or even their equals who are involved in corruption.”

Mr Whealy, who is also the president of Transparency International, said it showed the need for an independent watchdog.

“I think there is a significant chance that these figures are very conservative and the level of inappropriate behaviour amounting in some cases to corruption would be considerably higher than these figures demonstrate,” he said.

Leading administrative law barrister Mark Robinson SC said he had no doubt there was corruption at all levels of government.

“Whenever there is discretionary statutory power exercised that is not openly accountable to external and independent scrutiny, corruption can and will flourish,” he said.

Mr Whealy said he was confident the Government would eventually support an independent commission.

“By the time we get to the next election, this is going to be a hot election issue, and I’m hoping there will be bipartisan support,” he said. (Click her to read more)

Bill Shorten / Michael Danby

This website carries its weight in the government corruption investigations and only a week ago I wrote an article titled: “Bill Shorten’s Crime Gang eyeing up fraud and theft on the $59 Billion annual Government expenditure” (Click here to read more)

In the last few days the SMH has been investigating Bill Shorten’s good mate and Federal MP Michael Danby who was caught committing fraud with taxpayer’s money while on holidays with his wife. (Click here to read more)

While we all know that all political parties get caught fraudulently using taxpayer funded expenses it’s time to stop doing nothing and start sacking or jailing the politicians.

Need for a Federal ICAC

Malcolm Turnbull is ducking and weaving on the issue of having a Federal ICAC saying that he hasn’t yet been convinced of the need for a Federal ICAC. Maybe it’s because Mr Turnbull knows the Labor Party would immediately report him to the Federal ICAC for the $10 million fraud he committed just before the 2007 election. (Click here to read more)

Regular readers of this website are more than aware of the growing corruption in government. The good news is that plenty of others are aware as well and like Anthony Whealy says above “By the time we get to the next election, this is going to be a hot election issue“. So it is up to us to keep pushing it on social media.

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  1. We are living in what I think is the most corrupt period of our history. The whole of government is littered with wrong doers and white collar criminals at all levels it seems. The Government in its current corrupted and foreign influenced form is more of a threat to our liberties than terrorisim. We MUST have a Federal ICAC with wide sweeping powers. Also I might suggest that the Gov General should get off his big ceremonial arse and wield his big stick through government with the wide sweeping powers and authority he has. He is asleep at the wheel.

  2. An admirable job you are doing Mr. S by bringing to light as much information as possible relating to corruption among the human ‘pillars’ who are in place, and greatly rewarded to put a stop to the corruption of which many are guilty.
    Discussing the subject with family, friends and acquaintances, the ‘shoulder shrugging’ and apathy towards the problem is astounding, at the same time the complaints flow forth stating that ‘someone should do something about ‘IT’.
    Answer from me, “If you’re not helping in every way possible to right the wrong, shut your ******* mouth.!!
    The silent apathy via social media is annoying me more lately!!

  3. How the hell do you keep sane. They are all a cabal. They are the unachieving bunyips with a greater self worth than they deserve. If you cannot fight back then you are the milk they bathe in. Mass murderers get more understanding than an average jo blow. Get rid of the queen and lets get a bill of rights. Bring on the revolution.

    On Tue, Jan 16, 2018 at 12:16 AM, Kangaroo Court of Australia wrote:

    > Shane Dowling posted: “Government corruption has doubled in the last 3 > years a survey of the bureaucracy suggests. But you don’t have to go past > the offices of Australian Federal Police Commissioner Andrew Colvin and > Australian Border Force CEO Roman Quaedvlieg to see allegatio” >

    • I totally agree with “bring on the revolution”, I do not agree with “get rid of the queen”. If we rid Australia of the queen, we will then be open to who-ever gets the nod to be our president, with no come back or help from anyone. A corrupt president will give us Paul Keating’s banana republic.

  4. Jonde,

    Are you able to attend the Court Hearing on 30th??

    I would love to listen to your SIDE commentary.

    The more that can attend the better 👍

    • Hi Joe,

      How I would love to attend the the Court Hearing, unfortunately as I am living in Queensland it would be difficult due to current commitments involving travel arrangements.
      Thanks for the offer, if I lived in the locality I would be there.

      Kind Regards,


  5. The situation involving SD, the illegal treatment toward him by our servants, judges, lawyers, et al, is beyond the realm of common sense leading into a reality kingdom of fantasyland where judges obtain their ‘wages’ from taxpayers, ignore the law of Freedom Of Speech and other laws to waste the taxpayers’ $thousands in continuous pursuit of a harmless individual SD, who publicly published the truth relationg to the judges’ and lawyers’ corrupt activities against himself and Australian taxpayers whom they are sworn to serve.

    Those same judges, lawyers, et al, bestow extremely lenient punishment on rapists, murderers, serious criminals and other corrupt individuals who steal $billions from government, corporations, companies, and honest, trusting, small-time investors when a compay ”’fails”’ and the crooked CEO’s steal the till.

    Paying taxes to a corrupt government, judges lawyers, et al who are a part thereof, is not patriotic, it is slavery within a dictatorship.

  6. Basically all politicians are corrupt–some more than others. These rogues are well paid by the taxpayers but also choose to rob more from the public purse.

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