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Hillsong founder Brian Houston’s trial for protecting his paedophile father is set for hearing in December

Hillsong founder Brian Houston will face court next month for concealing his father’s sexual abuse of a boy. In 2014 while giving evidence at The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse Brian Houston admitted he knew his father had abused children and he had failed to report it to the police, so it is not a fact that is in dispute.

Brian Houston has pleaded not guilty as he claims the survivor, Brett Sengstock, told him he didn’t want the police involved which Mr Sengstock denies.

The matter relates to Brian Houston’s failure to make a complaint to the police about Brett Sengstock being sexually abused when he was a child by his father Frank Houston. Brian Houston was charged on the 5th of August 2021 after a 5-year investigation.

I have written extensively about Brian Houston and his father’s abuse and I will hold off writing too much more now. Links and 2 videos are below with all the background information.

I do note that the SMH is reporting that Brain Houston addressed his Facebook followers last week denying the alleged crime and that the Hillsong Church published a blog post last month defending Brian Houston against the charge which said:

Brian Houston found out about his father’s actions when he was 45 and Sengstock was 37. “Numerous other pastors and individuals had knowledge of this matter prior to Brian Houston learning about it,” the post said.

“Upon being told of his father’s actions, Brian Houston confronted his father, reported the matter to the National Executive Assemblies of God in Australia, relayed the matter to the governing board of Sydney Christian Life Centre, and subsequently made a public announcement to the church.”

The post claimed Sengstock asked Brian Houston not to inform the police. Sengstock has previously denied this. (Click here to read more) (The SMH said it was a 2-year police investigation which is wrong. It was a 5-year police investigation.)

It is strange that Hillsong Church has come out and defended Brian Houston given that Hillsong Church made public the dirt file they have had on Brian Houston for 10 years. I wrote in an article “Hillsong Church’s new head, Pastor Phil Dooley, dropped a dirt file bomb on Brian Houston on Friday (18/3/22) outlining his harassment of 2 women dating back 10 years which on the face of it has to be the first step in getting rid of Houston from the Church for good.” (Click here to read more)

Obviously, there are people at Hillsong who are worried if Brian Houston is found guilty they might also be charged. And Hillsong Church might also be worried about a potential civil claim by Brett Sengstock and other survivors of Franks Houston’s abuse.

As per the below video, Brian Houston admits he knew about the abuse and that he didn’t go to the police. He also admits he does not know the full extent of his father’s crimes but he knows of “about six” other boys who were sexually abused by his father.

I published the below video in 2019 which has parts of the above video and I added some facts and opinions:

The matter is set down at Sydney’s Downing Centre Local Court and will run from the 2nd of December to the 22nd of December 2022.

This trial has been a long time coming and I outlined the details in an article I published on the 24th of April 2021 titled “5-year NSW Police investigation into Hillsong’s Brian Houston covering up for his paedophile father continues. Why 5 years?”. (Click here to read the article)

As a side note, this website and the people who share the articles do seem to have an impact.

I published an article on the 4th of August 2021 titled “Scott Morrison clears rape allegations against Christian Porter and Bruce Lehrmann in preparation for the next election” which went viral. In the article, I make out a very powerful case of police cover-ups and that the rapes were an election issue for Scott Morrison. (Click here to read the article)

The following day, 5th of August 2021, Brian Houston was charged and I published an article titled “NSW Police charge Hillsong Pastor Brian Houston with concealing his father’s sexual abuse of a child” (Click here to read the article)

And the day after that, 6th of August 2021, Bruce Lehrmann was charged with the alleged rape of Brittany Higgins. I published an article titled “Old media forced to name Brittany Higgin’s alleged rapist Bruce Lehrmann after running a Liberal Party protection racket for months”. (Click here to read the article)

I know the Federal police and the NSW Police do follow this website, as they have told me, at least when it concerns them and I wonder if the article I published on the 4th of August 2021 had an impact that gave them a hurry up. The fact that the article went viral, by you the readers sharing it, would have helped if it did have an impact.

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  1. Really, should anything surprise us about this religious outfit or the slowness of NSW police or AFP to activate an investigation in a timely manner or actually take any action whatsoever especially when their political masters provide instructions on their operations…Both these police organisations don’t believe in the seperation of powers or believe they should operate within the law .

  2. With the ingredients of: a moron, lots of friends in high places, stacks of cash, what are the actual odds against a just outcome for the victim in all this?

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