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Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s proven failure as PM versus Bill Shorten’s dirty laundry

Coalition supporters are pushing Bill Shorten’s dirty laundry from the past as reasons why the public should not vote for Shorten and the Labor Party, but it is by and large falling on deaf ears with voters. The reason is quite simple and that is there is a long list of corruption and fraud scandals totalling billions of dollars by the coalition government that far outweighs any dirt Scott Morrison and the coalition can throw at Bill Shorten and the Labor Party.

Bill Shorten’s history

Raising a politician’s past failings and/or corruption is valid at any time and especially during an election as it helps voters to make better informed decisions on who to vote for. But when raising a politician’s past, it has to be done in a credible way otherwise it can backfire badly. In the last 24 hours (14/5/19) Kathy Sherriff has, on her Facebook page, again raised the allegation that Bill Shorten raped her in 1986 when she was 16 and has said she has barrister Peter Faris QC assisting her. Kathy Sherriff’s statement on her Facebook page doesn’t say much more than that. Peter Faris QC had previously represented Kathy in 2014. (Click here to read more)

Kathy Sherriff’s complaint was previously dismissed by the Victorian police in 2014 because they said “there was no reasonable prospect of conviction” but she now says that police told her at the time “that if new witnesses were located or other evidence was found, then they would look at reopening my case.”

Kathy has done a couple of follow-up posts and said she and Mr Faris have gone to the police station requesting a meeting to go through further evidence with the hope of having the matter reopened. I first named Shorten as being under investigation by the Victoria police in November 2013 and wrote numerous stories on the issue. (Click here to read more) And for 10 months the old media wouldn’t write about it.

After the police announced they would not charge Shorten he outed himself as being the “high profile Labor Party figure” who had been under investigation for rape. Shorten did a quick press conference and then said he would never talk about it again which he hasn’t, and the old media didn’t press the issue.

I think Kathy Sherriff has left her run too late for it to have any effect of the election and if it was to get widespread media coverage it might even help Shorten and Labor as they would frame it as being nothing more than a smear campaign. After the election it is more likely to get media coverage though, especially if Labor win, and Shorten will be under huge pressure to answer questions that he previously avoided. I set up a page with all my articles on the issue in 2014 which you can read by clicking here.

I have written about Bill Shortens dodgy past as much if not more than most other websites and for that reason I believe he will be a total failure as Prime Minister and I am entitled to my view. But that is all it is, my viewpoint.

Scott Morrison – Liberal Party corruption

On the other hand, I know for a fact that the current Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the coalition will be total failures if re-elected as that is what they have been to date and they have made it clear they are refusing to change. A prime example is that the coalition are proposing a federal corruption commission with no teeth and without public hearings which is a waste of taxpayer’s money and is designed to cover-up the widespread corruption in the government.

A list of some of the corruption in the current federal government is listed below:

Watergate – $80 million – Lawyers for MP Angus Taylor fail to back-up $80 million #watergate fraud defamation legal threats – April 2013, 2019

The lawyers acting for federal MP Angus Taylor have refused to respond to an email I sent them last night (22/4/19) putting them on notice that I would publish the Twitter thread that they claimed last week was defamatory of Angus Taylor. The twitter thread is a must read as it leaves no doubt that federal MP Angus Taylor has acted corruptly, and his actions should be referred to the police for further investigation and charges. (Click here to read more)

Water Minister David Littleproud’s family linked to $20 million Murray-Darling Basin fraud yet he is still Water Minister

The current federal Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources David Littleproud has direct family links to the $20 million Murray-Darling Basin fraud which has resulted in police charges in Queensland. David Littleproud’s wife’s cousin, John Norman, is the kingpin of the alleged $20 million fraud and was charged in August 2018 after the police raided his farm in October 2017. (Click here to read more)

Great Barrier Reef Foundation fraud – #ReefGate Channel Nine’s Karl Stefanovic in cash-for-comment scandal defending Malcom Turnbull’s $444 million fraud – August 5, 2018

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is in the fight of his life trying to justify his fraudulent awarding of a $444 million grant to the Liberal Party aligned and mining industry backed Great Barrier Reef Foundation. Nine’s Karl Stefanovic has come to Turnbull’s defence on Twitter defending the deal while knowingly concealing that the Great Barrier Reef Foundation is a sponsor of Channel 9. (Click here to read more)

Paladin – $423 million government contract – Australian government security contractor Paladin breaks silence on corruption allegations

Member for Manila‘Member for Manila’: MP puts overseas travel before key campaign slogan

Dodgy appointmentsFederal Government slammed for stacking Administrative Appeals Tribunal with ‘Liberal mates’

Former MPs land plum taxpayer-funded jobs in flurry of election eve appointments

Helloworld – $1 billion government contract – Mathias Cormann booked holiday flights directly with Helloworld chief executive

I don’t tell people who to vote for because it is not for me to do so and it makes no difference to me or this website. It doesn’t matter who wins the election as the battle to expose and stop government corruption goes on but I find it hard to justify rewarding the current government with another term given their widespread corruption. I personally will be voting independent.

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  1. We needed to get rid of the two party system both parties and the greens are aligned with the corporations and Australians are the fodder from all of this.

    • Peter, a good idea, where do we start and how do we do it.
      A positive solution will be instigated.immediately by all Australian citizens.

    • I believe Albert Langer did this. He figured out that you could place a #1 next to the candidate of your choice, and then a #2 next to all other candidates – this prevented a preference vote being passed down the line to the 2 major parties if your chosen candidate did not win (hence the reason why the voting scam is openly called the two party preferred system). They fined him and gaoled him for this. Then they changed the voting system so that nobody could do it.

      On another related note, NOT A SINGLE government or business document is allowed to be filled out in pencil – they all refuse to accept it. Yet amazingly, ballot papers are allowed in pencil and they are even kind enough to supply the pencil for you. What nice people they are. Take your own pen when voting. Feel free to vote informal in protest too since there is no such thing as a real democracy, not here anyway. How “democratic” is the lack of a right to NOT vote, and then get your money stolen for not doing so?

  2. In the porridge of politics it’s the lesser of the two weavels…a vote for an independent is wasted unless there is a hung parliament

    • It does not have a political agenda, it exposes the corruption of politicians, lawyers and judges, criminal activities in corporations and companies, non-severe penalties for paedophiles, maltreated innocent Australians in various cover-ups and deception by people in positions of authority.

    • Exposing corruption in Politics is not a political agenda, it’s the right thing to do. The article specifically reads “I don’t tell people who to vote for”, doesn’t sound like a political agenda to me Judy!

  3. @Kathy Sherriff: I wonder how much the LIarbrals have contributed to her legal costs for this “timely” excursion into the past.

    @Judy Shaw: This website is describing reality; consider this Greenpeace link to the present corruption of Australian politics by the international mining industry:

  4. I am amazed the mainstream media has avoided this issue of Shorten’s past particularly the rape allegation. More amazing are the Labor women remaining silent on this issue. Had the same allegation been with Abbott or any other conservative, the left would be unrelenting on this alone. Something absolutely rotten here. In any case anyone with same history as Shorten from any side of politics is never fit for office, ever.

  5. The Bill Shorten rape situation I think will not go away even if Shorten becomes Prime Minister. Anything’s possible now. If the Victorian Police is able to locate more witnesses & interview them by reopening the investigation, then I think Shorten is in real trouble. The media must report on this if the investigation is reopened or at the very least report about the previous police investigation in 2013-2014. If the Victorian Police can investigate and charge George Pell, well I think they can investigate Bill Shorten for the second time and interview new witnesses and then make a judgment if Bill Shorten be charged or not. Remember no-one is above the law.

    • Kurt, I agree if there is any substance to these rape allargations then this would be a conspiracy where “all parties were aware of the issues” Let Bill win the election, then have him charged, tried and convicted, his removal would then parachute Labour’s preferred PM. This sounds too far fetched for even the most cynical voter to contemplate.

  6. This website seems quite balanced overall and I admire your courage taking on judges. Whether you are correct in every instance or corruption and pedo allegations (sadly it wouldn’t surprise me if you were) doesn’t detract from your evident sincerity.

    Regarding the election: For the first time in my adult life I will not be voting for the Greens first in the senate due to the fact that while I like their policies, I believe their internal culture has become toxic. Very disappointed in Bob Brown’s comments regarding former volunteer with creditable claims of sexual assault and there have been many claims of internal bullying. If Abbott or one of the other wingnuts of the Liberal Party had said the same things about sexual assault there would have been a mass outcry in the mainstream media. The Greens should publicly apologize to the volunteers who have been bullied and assaulted. I am not one of them but feel strongly that they need to clean up their act and stop attacking each other and putting the image of party before their own people.

    At least when you vote for independents in the House of Reps it forces the major parties to have to work with others and negotiate. Same in the Senate as long as it doesn’t become full of nutters and ratbags. There are other sensible community-minded people that are running that believe in climate change.

  7. It seem public amnesia again takes pride of place with the voting public. Massive debt, Boat arriving que jumpers ,higher interest rates, higher unemployment are all Labor past failed policy all now forgotten and forgiven. Now $385,000,000,000 additional taxes Bill Shorten has outlined is reason to abandon Labor. I have no intention to vote either Liberal or Labour as it is looking more realistic that a “hung” Parliament will come into play.

    Parties like the Australian Conservatives will certainly come into play and all the dirty low life issues you have identified will be pursued as the likes of Corey Bernardi and his aspiring Party members will challenge these alleged criminal behaviours.

  8. Corey Bernardi and his ilk are a bunch of ratbag nutters. My point is that if behaviour like sexual assault is wrong, it is wrong no matter who does it. Many of the ALP’s policies are good but that doesn’t change the fact that Bill Shorten may be a sex predator and it should be thoroughly investigated. He is entitled to presumption of innocence, but it is also a fact that the rate of false rape allegations are staggeringly low (the same as other rates of vexatious accusations, around 2 per cent). Morrison and Co have presided over a whole lot of dodgy practices as per this article. Hopefully Labor will win and due to police investigation Shorten will be quickly replaced by Plibo or Albo. Everyone is sick of leadership change but if change happens because the party has good policies but someone is a rapist I have a feeling the community is going to understand.

  9. and in the recent Honours List the Helloworld boss received a GONG. So corruption does not stop one receiving a gong, then

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